Enter Mission (2)

It's been around two years since I’ve last posted.

I suppose that consistency isn’t my strong suit.

During one of my lowest points, I was insanely lucky to get an internship as a Television Assistant for Lakeshore PBS.

As far as first jobs go, its a pretty sweet gig. Unlike the monotonous cycle that can accompany retail, customer service, or office work; media production was oddly refreshing in the fact that no two projects are exactly alike and that there were numerous opportunities for exploration.

Me working as a cameraman during a regional town hall event.
Chicago Imagism, a segment produced and edited by me.
Indiana Bisontennial, a segment filmed and edited by me
White Ripple Gallery, a segment edited by me.

Quitting those two jobs was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

Aside from not making enough money to bypass the poverty line, there was always a consistent feeling of wrong that swelled to overwhelming heights as time passed on in these fields. There was a powerful feeling that I was moving in the wrong direction, that I wasn’t really all that passionate about media, especially in relation to my coworkers.

Rather than simply be in the service of amazing people, or weave stories about amazing people, I wanted to be them. I wanted to be that amazing person.

After quitting, I decided that wanted to develop new skills and maneuver myself back into the world of academia and complexity in any way that I could. As a result, I made a pretty big jump and enrolled in both of Udacity’s Intro to Programming and Deep Learning Foundations courses, where I am now learning how to harness the power of artificial neural networks and big data. If I can make it through, I’d like to use the Nanodegrees as a launching pad for self-improvement in a variety of data science tools and to eventually enroll in graduate school for information science, human-computer interaction, or possibly one of the humanities.

I’m pretty scared.

I’m scared because I am trying to enter a realm that I honestly have no business being in with no academic precursor.



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Aza Burns-Williams

Aza Burns-Williams


A person trying their best to be a Time Being for the time being.