Digital Underground (9)

Discord was one of my most used communication platforms during 2020.


It was March 13th, 2020 when we had our last day in the office. Kassidy had planned to have all of the office workers —

A Slightly More Complicated Truth About What Happened That Day

Towards the beginning of the semester, I also started doing virtual therapy sessions with Jace — the only black therapist I could find in a 50 mile radius. I talked about waking up the day after the Vaughxx Booker demonstration and how I felt.

Virtual Dates

One unfortunate aspect of the pandemic was that it bottlenecked the entire academic system. Work projects of medium or low priority became completely irrelevant as departments scrambled to navigate remote work. As a result, the vast majority of my time in 2020, became about generating content for social media and the newsletter. Because my focus was on career content and tips, I wanted to find effective strategies for navigating the job search during the pandemic.


In addition to work and classes, I campaigned to be one of two ILS representatives for the Graduate Student Union.

Panel & A Harmless Booklist

Towards the end of the year, I was swamped.



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Aza Burns-Williams

Aza Burns-Williams


A person trying their best to be a Time Being for the time being.