You Good (8)?

The ‘Vid



One of your parents is going to die.”

The Facebook post I made following my dad’s passing.


“You’re not even allowed to jog, nigger.”

News segment on the Vaughxx Booker incident.
A Facebook post in support of black lives by the Chair of my department.

Ballistic; or The Misadventures of Homeboy and the Swedish Sniper

“So first of all. This is how you hold a gun. You don’t hold it in one hand and turn it to the side like one of the homeboys in the hood.“

“What kind of accent is that? Where are you from?” he asked.

“The Czech Republic.” responded Viktor.

“The what? — Nah. You’re Russian. You a spy or something? KGB?” he said as he laughed.

“Okay, so now we’re going to practice shooting these black targets…”

You are just a mistake born from a traumatic experience — You don’t deserve to be here — You are a generational curse— Prove that you are good enough to exist—



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